Lind Directs Traffic

The Power of Lind Directional Billboards

Target consumers most likely to stop at your business
Target your most likely business prospect: nearby approaching traffic

Intercept traffic before it encounters your competition

Intercept traffic before it reaches a major intersection or tum off point

Remind traffic what they need ... food, fuel, groceries, gifts, service ...

Remind traffic of your existence. Directionals reinforce all of your other advertising

Enhance the investment in your business location. Your physical location was chosen due to its visibility, traffic counts and demographics. Each directional billboard doubles the visibility and power of your location.

Enhance the most valuable ad tool: your on-premise sign.

Directional billboards are an extension of your business and your signage.

Connect with consumers that don't consume local media.

Connect your business to neighbors and former customers.

Introduce your business to traffic before it gets to your location

warn traffic that you are ahead ... give drivers time to think and discuss their options inside the car

Maximize your location, your investment and your business!